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Below are homes for sale currently listed in the Summit County MLS in the Coeur Du Lac subdivision in the Dillon area. The town of Dillon is located on the shores of the Dillon Reservoir, about 70 miles west of Denver at an elevation of 9,111 feet. Situated in the heart of Summit County, Dillon has one of the highest marinas in North America and is home to a fantastic Amphitheater that hosts a variety of concerts and events. As part of the Dillon area, the Coeur Du Lac subdivision is just steps away from all of the outdoor, retail and dining experiences that the town has to offer.

The Coeur Du Lac complex is footsteps away from the shores of Lake Dillon. It is also within easy walking distance of downtown Dillon, the Dillon Amphitheater and the marina. Built mainly in 1972 and 1973, the condos in the Coeur Du Lac complex range in size from one to three bedrooms.

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