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Below are homes for sale currently listed in the Summit County MLS in the Homestead Lodgepole subdivision in Keystone. Located about 74 miles west of Denver with a base elevation of 9,280 feet, Keystone is home to the Keystone Resort, and it's only a few miles from Arapahoe Basin as well. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Keystone features so many activities, including a five-acre ice skating pond and two golf courses. As part of Keystone, the Homestead Lodgepole subdivision is just steps away from all of the outdoor, retail and dining experiences that the area has to offer.

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Homestead Lodgepole Real Estate
Frequently Asked Questions

Can new property owners in Homestead Lodgepole conduct short-term rentals?

To determine whether owners in Homestead Lodgepole are permitted to short-term rent their properties, there is generally a two-part analysis:

  1. Do the Homestead Lodgepole homeowners' association and governing documents allow owners to short-term rent?  Yes.  There is no provision in the bylaws, covenants or other governing documents for Homestead Lodgepole that would prevent owners from short-term renting their units. 
  2. Does the local governmental authority currently allow a property owner to obtain a new Homestead Lodgepole short-term rental license?  Yes.  Homestead Lodgepole is located in unincorporated Summit County and is therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the Summit County Board of County Commissioners (“BoCC”).  Summit County defines a short-term rental as any residential dwelling unit or room therein that is rented for periods of less than 30 consecutive days.  On September 14, 2021, BoCC passed a temporary 90-day moratorium on the issuance of new short-term rental licenses.  However, because Keystone is predominantly a resort community serving visitors to Summit County, BoCC created an exemption to the short-term rental moratorium for all properties located in the Keystone area.  Accordingly, the Homestead Lodgepole real estate community and other Keystone property subdivisions all remain unaffected by the short-term rental moratorium in Summit County.  New property owners in Homestead Lodgepole may continue to apply for and receive short-term rental licenses.

In sum, the Homestead Lodgepole homeowners association does not preclude owners from short-term renting their properties.  Furthermore, the short-term rental moratorium does not apply to Homestead Lodgepole property owners; so, Summit County will continue to grant new short-term rental licenses to homes located in Homestead Lodgepole.

What expenses are covered as part of Homestead Lodgepole homeowners' association dues?

Homestead Lodgepole homeowners' association dues include the following expenses:

  • Basic cable tv
  • Common area maintenance
  • Common area management
  • Common insurance
  • Common taxes
  • Snow removal
  • Trash pickup
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • Water/sewer fees

Is transfer tax owed when a Homestead Lodgepole property is bought or sold?

A real estate transfer tax is a payment to a governmental entity, which is sometimes made when a real estate transaction occurs.  Real estate transfer tax is generally calculated as a small percentage of the total purchase price agreed on by the parties to a real estate transaction.  Typically, we find in Summit County that the percentage is either 0%, 1%, 1,5% or 2% of the gross purchase price in section 4 of the the standard real estate contract.  In Summit County, transfer tax funds help to pay for a variety of different community improvements. Whether the buyer or seller pays transfer tax is negotiable as part of each real estate transaction.

In Homestead Lodgepole, there is 0% transfer tax.  That means neither seller nor buyer will have to potentially pay transfer tax as part of a property sale in Homestead Lodgepole!

Are pets allowed in Homestead Lodgepole?

The governing documents for the Homestead Lodgepole homeowners' association permit property owners to keep pets within their properties.  However, the Homestead Lodgepole homeowners' association does not allow long-term renters or short-term renters to have pets anywhere within properties located in the subdivision.

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